MineQuest provides WPS consulting and software development for organizations in both the private and public sectors. Our expertise in SAS and WPS combined with our knowledge of banking, mortgage and finance make us an ideal partner for developing new applications, modify and updating existing applications, analytical data mart development, and assisting with a backlog of needed reports to helping in areas of SAS cost containment by converting your SAS programs to WPS.

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MineQuest works with some of the largest firms in banking and finance in the United States and provides excellent service and competitive rates to institutions in this sector. Depending on your location, MineQuest can work off-site or on-site if you are in the Midwest or Wetern portion of the United States. For more information on our consulting services, contact us by email at:

info@MineQuest.com or by phone at: (614) 457-3714
MineQuest is a proud reseller of WPS serving the United States and Canada. WPS is a SAS language alternative application that can run most of your existing Base programs without modification. WPS also provides support for a limited subset of graphics via WPS Graphing and statistical procedures via WPS Statistics.
In addition to the broad language support, WPS is affordably priced and much less restrictive in its licensing. WPS supports many elements of the language including the macro language facility, the data step, most of the PROCS found in base, and includes access engines to ODBC, DB/2, Oracle, MySQL, OLE DB, Informix, GreenPlum, Sybase, Teradata, SPSS and other database systems.
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You can save money with WPS Software whether you license for the desktop or the server. Customers both big and small have turned to WPS to help manage their BI license costs.