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Using UltraEdit for Linux

Using UltraEdit for Linux is a document that describes how to use and configure UltraEdit from IDM Corporation to edit and submit your WPS programs.

UltraEdit for Linux (PDF 814K)

Using Windows Task Scheduler to Automate WPS Jobs on a Windows Server Platform.

This is a how to use guide that shows you how to use the Windows Task Scheduler to automate/submit WPS jobs on a Windows Server.

Using Windows Scheduler to Automate WPS (PDF 695K)

WPS for Workstations v3.3

This is a product overview of WPS for Workstations. The document discusses licensing and the procedures and database support provided by the product.

WPS for Workstations (PDF 1.1MB)

Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

This document is a compilation of the 10 most frequently asked questions posed to us by MineQuest customers.

Top Ten Questions (PDF 329K)

WPS Access Engines and Procedures

A current and up-to-date list of the supported PROCS and database access engines that are included with WPS. This document is current through WPS release v3.3.

Procs and Access Engines (PDF 501K)

Post Installation Steps for WPS Workstations

This Technical Paper walks a user throught the post installation steps of a WPS installation. It includes information on basic tuning as well as configuring your workstation for WPS.

Post Installation Steps for WPS Workstations (PDF 863K)